Individual Work
My Hands / Wishful Thinking

My Hands/Wishful Thinking, a poem by authors Mendi & Keith Obadike is an internet memorial piece written to relay important concepts based on the tragedy of Amadou Diallo. Made in 2000, , is written in English and uses JavaScript and Real Player software. Amadou Diallo was a 22 year old immigrant from Guinea who was shot 41 times by four policemen, based on a case of mistaken identity and police overreaction. Creating this poem spreads awareness of injustice, brings justice to Diallo, and gives hope to people being mistreated in this country. This work of poetry shows real emotions that many relate to, and raises awareness of the issue at hand: police overreaction and racial injustice. The author's work of activism sparks hope in the power of collectivity and a future without racist violence. My Hands/Wishful Thinking exhibits “thoughts and things'' that are now written down as an act of poetic resistance to represent 41 shots. All the small poems have thoughts, feelings, and events contributing to the bigger, final message. This text uses popups, hypertext, and digital automation of sound. The work presents the audience with two pictures. One picture is a hand, the other is the hand of someone holding a wallet creating a sense of interactivity. The work's use of dull colors on the screen brings attention to the bright white words on the screen making them significant. Motion is also an important sensual aspect that is used in this piece. The motion of the changing picture on the screen represents a significant parallel to the texts being displayed on the screen.