Santiago Ortiz

Santiago Ortiz is an artist, mathematician and researcher born in Colombia. He also studied music and literature and has taught at different universities art, mathematics and design. In his work he explores themes of art and science and investigates multiple data visualization spaces.

His creative data visualization works address paradigms of artificial life and the dynamic representation of information and have been very important in the field of electronic literature in Spanish. Important works like Bacterias Argentinas (2004) have been selected in the third collection of the Electronic Literature Organization. Other important works such as √Ārboles de textos (2005); o Rayuela (2013) has been exhibited in international museums and galleries and referenced in repositories and collections of digital literature and digital digital art. His main axes of interest are the notions of relationship, networks, complex interactions and ecological systems. He divides his time between Barcelona, where Bestiario, a creative company of which he is a founding partner, is and Buenos Aires, where he lives.

For a follow-up of his projects and activities, consult his personal page Moebio Labs

E-lit works by this author