Individual Work
Pyxis Byzantium

Surrounded by enemy forces for decades, the final invasion of the city was widely anticipated by some of the populace, denied by others, and a focus of wonder and prayer. This piece imagines several different residents of the city, their fears and hopes, and their beliefs about the sources of destiny. The navigation includes maps of the city, sacred holidays, and the chronology of the destruction. Because of its extensive use of Flash, it is not currently playable in original form.

Author statement: 
*Pyxis Byzantium* was inspired by a visit to Turkey and extensive research into the Byzantine Empire. Pyxis means ‘little box” in Greek – and this work is a medieval treasure-box of visions of the collapse of Byzantium. The victory of the Turks changes the course of history not only in the area, but across the globe. And yet, at the moment of crisis, records show that the great city of Byzantium was divided, confused, and ill-prepared. This work continues my interest in hypermedia narrative, the layering of history and place, the blending pf public and private, invented, events.