Individual Work
Califia Reimagined

*Califia* was published on CD-ROM by Eastgate Systems in 2000. It is a born-digital, interactive, multimedia hypertext fiction. It combines text, image, sound, animation, and structure to create a virtual world of time-space. This novel-length piece, authored in Toolbook, was one of the most extensive e-lit fiction works of its time. Because of software and hardware advances, *Califia* was unplayable on any machine by 2010. Accordingly, *Califia Revisited* was created to give scholars and curious readers some idea of what the original piece looked and sounded like.

Author statement: 
*Califia Reimagined* is a still-shot traversal that I created for the ELO Paris Conference (2013). It uses material from selected episodes of *Califia*- extracting small glimpses of the original work for contemporary reading devices. Similarly, for the video summary, I made a quick take from the *Califia Reimagined* website.