Individual Work

"Abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz" by Jorg Piringer is an iPhone application that gives users the power to create images and sounds with their fingertips. Once users pay ($1.99 US), download, and press play, the fun begins. There are four options to choose from at the top of the screen: Gravity, Crickets, Vehicles, and Birds (there are also buttons for taking screenshots and providing information). On either side of the screen the letters of the alphabet are arranged. On the bottom of the screen there are three icons: a bomb, an arrow, and a button to view the app without the border. Selecting a letter will cause it to move across the screen, accompanied by a phonetic sound. Nudging, poking, or stroking letters as they move will cause them to change trajectories.

"Gravity" is the first of four instruments this application gives the user. Users are able to drag the letters from the sides. When they do so, the letters will start to move as they rotate the iPhone/iTouch. The letters will each have a sound; for example, 'a' sounds like 'ahh' as it moves across the screen. Users can swipe in as many letters as they want, creating animated collages of sound and text. "Crickets" is similar in function to Gravity, but has a more rhythmic sound. When the user moves a letter into the play area, the letter moves around with the sound of a cricket, leaving a trail across the screen. When these letters meet they stick to each other and create a blended sound. "Vehicles" is the third option. With this option, the letters, once dragged into play, will zoom across the screen, complete with automotive sounds. "Birds" is the last option. Similar to the other three, this game allows users to swipe letters into play and create bird-like sounds and art.

Users can also put all four of these interactive games together. Doing so will create one piece of audio and visual art that the user can capture with the camera button. To clear each piece, the user can drag the bomb into play, which will destroy all the letters. To remove just one letter, the user needs to drag the arrow into the field of play, which will track down a letter and remove it.