Individual Work

"Dig" by Steve Duffy uses Javascript to create an elegant representation of verbal conflict in simple white text on black background. Through the use of floating frames and marquees, the harsh reality of "digs," or emotional, sarcastic jabs at a person, are cleverly represented in a case where less is more. The absence of audio allows for readers to focus where they should: the startling white text scrolling quickly along the black background. The text also moves at varying speeds from left to right and right to left, creating an interesting visual experience.

Readers get a sense of the conflict through passages like, “Everything you tell me is true but you lie lie lie," and "No-words mean more than some words. Each word worms its way out of things… Here is the blind mole driven to dig. I'm a poor creature, deluded, digging in the text. I don't believe a word of it." As the text flows in both directions, Duffy illustrates how people can dig themselves deeper and deeper as arguments escalate.