Individual Work

"Insects" by Pedro Valdeomilos is a Flash-based version of a poem by Lluís Calvo that uses a poem navigator called "signal2noise:pad" to allow readers to hover and fly between verses. The background is black with an image of insects. Readers can navigate their way through the text, or can hit the "Next" button to have the system lead them through the poem in a pre-determined order. The angled orientation of the text encourages users to explore the work in a dynamic way. Lines from the poem are put on an isometric grid at random every time the poem is loaded, allowing for readers to have slightly varied experience each time. The language of the poem itself draws comparisons between insects and truth, especially with lines such as, "In the heart of mankind" to "The dark brings the truth" and the closing visual picture of "Put your lips / in the mothballs," wherein a potentially deeper meaning associating to the truth could be drawn.