Individual Work
War Prayers

War Prayers takes place during four constrained time periods: The winter of 1992, the summer of 1996, summer of 2001, and the fall of 2004.  Apparently, it is about sexuality, unrequited love, emotional and sexual abuse, the anxiety and disgust of Iraq War I & II, and the politics of composing imaginary friends. 

War Prayers began as an idea for a hypertext novel in the fall of 2004.  Inspired by what I learned in Dr. Scott Rettberg's senior seminar on Post Modernism I began to write constrained, 300 word, segments on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday evenings.  These segments were posted online as a series of blog posts.  In December of 2004, disgusted with another stolen election and the completion of yet another toxic semester of college, I finished the initial groups of segments I had planned and closed the blog.  

I continued to outline ideas and occasionally write segments for when I decided to return to the project.  In the Fall of 2007 War Prayers came back to life online.  I have attempted to keep it "as is" to preserve the moment in which it was written.  

This is a work in progress.  Some things may not work and links may not go anywhere yet.  Bear with me.