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Taroko Gorge Remixes

The Electronic Literature Collection 3 gathered features seventeen variations of Nick Montfort's e-poem, Taroko Gorge, that substitute vocabulary, fonts, and backgrounds, including Tokyo Garage by Scott Rettberg, Toy Garbage by Talan Memmott, and others. Some variations depart significantly from the original code, changing the speed of the scroll or adding interactive elements and sound, such as Snowball by Alireza Mahzoon and Wandering through Taroko Gorge by James T. Burling respectively. Some remixes include animations, such as Along the Briny Beach by J.R. Carpenter. Others maintain the form of Taroko Gorge while substantially altering the content for satiric or political reasons, such as Tournedo Gorge by Kathi Inman Berens. The full number of remixes is unknown, and the original poem and code have been used as a teaching tool in classes to introduce students to producing electronic literature. What began as a single poem evolved into a platform for others, even those less proficient in JavaScript, to create their own standalone works.


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